Rae Ann  -“Even though I didn’t  come here for “DUI”, I feel very knowledgeable about the laws and  how precious my life and others around me are.  So, driving safely  is very important.”

Mary -“Very  upbeat, serious and informative!”

Dan -“I feel I will use  information I learned today.  Some laws are very different  from what I thought!”

Marcia -“I truly didn’t think  I’d learn anything.  I am shocked!  I learned  A LOT!

Alan -“I came here because of  a DUI and felt I’d be ‘looked-down-on’.  Boy was I wrong!  The  instructor was very supportive and positive in her approach.  I left  feeling like I could change my behavior and more aware of my  responsibility to other drivers.  If I drink – someone else is going  to drive!

Ben  – “I wasn’t looking forward to spending 8 hrs. of being  lectured-to.  To my surprise, the instructor was very informative,  entertaining and made the time pass quickly.  I really got some  valuable information which I believe will really help me to make  better driving decisions in the future.”